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Pen and Sword have published a second lucky Lancaster book, about EE136 WS/R 'Spirit of Russia', 109 operations.



New book, ghosted biog of RSPCA man - very amusing if I say so myself, and now translated into Czech. Aligator v koupelne, as we say in Brno.



My second best seller and most borrowed from libraries. Almost 200 5- and 4-star Amazon reviews.


Lancaster W4964 WS/J-Johnny Walker flew 107 missions in WW2, crewed by 244 different men, of whom 103 died in other aircraft during that war. This is their story, with over 100 photographs. Pen & Sword, £19.99. Also now in paperback at £14.99. 



Grand-daughter aged two and a half, unprompted by her mother, displays great taste and erudition.

Americanscoverforweb the story of American fliers in RAF Bomber Command, WW2. Now available as ebook published by Thistle. 


Ideal birthday present for all Biggles fans. Published by John Blake.



This is doing quite well, coinciding with the 75th anniversary of 82 Squadron's terrible double experience. In May 1940, 12 Blenheims went to attack Blitzkrieg armour. One came back, and that so shot about that it had to be scrapped.

In August 1940, 12 Blenheims went to attack a German airfield in Denmark. One returned early with technical trouble. None of the rest came back. 





My life in pigmuck and rubble. An ebook and print-on-demand paperback available on Amazon.  



Published by John Blake.



Robber publishers went bust and somehow forgot to remit royalties. Anyway, now republished in ebook format by



Blimey, that was hard work. Now available from Pen & Sword.



The so called 'Phoney War' was not so phoney for Bomber Command. This book covers the air war in Europe up to the fall of France.


Stem-cell burgers? GM in everything? Are you worried? You

should be. Things could get a lot worse. A hell of a lot worse.


This macabre new novel is available as an e-book on Amazon.





At last - why some products will never make it in the English-speaking world, and lots of other funny stuff. This is the ideal gift for anyone with any kind of sense of humour at all.

It's a very nice hardback with many colour pics. £8.99, published by Constable.





The story of the Black Watch and the Cameronians as Chindits, Burma, 1944.



This is the Black Watch Second Battalion boxing team, 1943.

My father is fourth from left, back row. He was over six feet tall so goodness knows how big the chap next to him was. That is also my father on the book cover, on the right.



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